I’ve written a book (yay…me and Stephen King!) – TALES FROM THE OUTPOST – Volume One.

It’s an anthology of stories I’ve penned and there’s a hard copy version and it’s also available in e-book form. The stories range from the bizarre to slipstream – but any of you who know me know that this is how my mind works.

My next step, of course, is to get it “out there” and I’m not quite sure of how that works. Of course, I’m not quite sure of how this website works either. (I just know that I absolutely refuse to make a display of where I went for dinner or what I had for breakfast.)

I actually have another website (like I need this confusion) going up as we speak. It looked somewhat easier to use and mainly, I can put my stories (or parts of my stories) on and let you be the judge…and…please, oh please, let me know what you think. Just “don’t be cruel” as the King used to say!

I’ve also decided to add as posts some of my short stories. ¬† Some are complete unto themselves and some are “to be continued.” ¬†Either way, I hope you like them.

Anyway, bye for now. See you on the new website (I think!)